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Megaman Steampunk & Po3

2009-09-06 11:44:31 by BiffTheTimid

Hey there Newgrounds. I've had a lot of spare time lately, and realized I hadn't submitted anything new to the Art Portal since it came out. I decided to make some Megaman fan art specifically so I could upload something. Since Megaman and Steampunk are two of the most exploited things in the world, I thought I'd combine the two to make me the coolest human being on the planet. Turns out I've been un-scouted for the second time though. I'm not sure how that keeps happening.

As for Po3, I've picked up a programmer and we're hard at work putting it together. It's coming along at a steady pace so we'll see how it plays out.

Sprites ftw

In other news, my room is infested with bees. I woke up today by getting stung on the foot. I'm kind of pissed about it. Needless to say, that bee is super dead, and the rest will join it in hell shortly.

Megaman Steampunk & Po3


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2009-09-06 11:49:00

If ya hire me,i shall massacre the bees :D

BiffTheTimid responds:

I've killed about 50 so far, and for each one I kill, two more arrive. You're hired, but I'd write a will and settle your estate if I were you. It's pretty epic in here.


2009-09-06 11:49:26

"Turns out I've been un-scouted for the second time though. I'm not sure how that keeps happening."

its a glitch i think, i was scouted by a few people last night and today nobody. weird

fucking sweet pic.

BiffTheTimid responds:

Guess what made me think of doing steampunk. I'll give you a hint. It was your Rhino.


2009-09-06 11:50:12

Egoraptors account was hacked, by the Duck Division.

EVERYONE is unscouted, including the staff

BiffTheTimid responds:

I think the bees might also be the Duck Division. God damn them.


2009-09-06 11:52:52

Those trickterz

BiffTheTimid responds:

I see what they did there.


2009-09-06 12:06:35

It's the sixth time I get unscouted, somebody hacked egoraptor, since he was an art mod, they unscouted everyone, it really sucks, but still, it's being rebuilt I guess

BiffTheTimid responds:

Yeah I see that now. I don't understand how accounts can get hacked. That shit is way over my head.


2009-09-06 12:52:02

Why your art looks very pretty.

BiffTheTimid responds:

Thanks dude. I like pretty things.


2009-09-06 13:52:52

Pretty fancy artwork there. But he looks more robotic than human like. But it's still cool though

BiffTheTimid responds:

I wanted him to look more robotic, since when I think of steampunk I picture things from the future as if they were made in the past. If it were the past, I imagine they would make a robot that looked more like a marionette.


2009-09-06 14:21:09

I'm asking honestly, not taking a jab. Is your name meant to be ironic?

BiffTheTimid responds:

When I made it back in 2001 yeah. My name isn't Biff and I'm not Timid. I used the name for Diablo 2 when it came out, and rather than sitting around thinking of a name to make for NG I just used that. I always meant to make a new name, but never got around to it. It's too late to change it now.


2009-09-06 14:58:37

now thats impressive...and ah well fuck the DD

BiffTheTimid responds:

F' them in the A'. Big time.


2009-09-06 15:25:40

I'd like some BEEEES Please?!

BiffTheTimid responds:

My foot still hurts from the sting. It's been 9 hours.


2009-09-06 15:45:28

I love that mega man image, got an instant favorite and a 5, although could we see what he looks like in a classic blue? please?

BiffTheTimid responds:

Perhaps you shall some day when I feel like selecting the one layer the color is on, and drag the hue slider over to blue.


2009-09-06 16:11:51

It's a difficult change, but if Synj managed to switch to DanPaladin without losing recognition, I think the sky is the limit :P

BiffTheTimid responds:

It's a gamble that I'm not sure I want to take. Also, I'd have to think of an alternative name. I totally forgot Dan used to be Synj.


2009-09-06 16:16:16

I agree, it does it look pretty :D

BiffTheTimid responds:

Megaman is a very pretty dude.


2009-09-06 18:11:08

just some BEES please.. *WINK*

BiffTheTimid responds:

Jeff Bandelin and his crazy antics.


2009-09-06 20:07:20

I'd draw Steampunk style if I knew it wouldn't turn out to be absolute shit.

BiffTheTimid responds:

It's never too late to start trying. Your life is a long time to get good at something.


2009-09-06 20:07:27

Well, I now have wood.

BiffTheTimid responds:

If it persists for over four hours call a hooker.


2009-09-06 22:44:11

Some awesome art right there.
Megaman and Steampunk, two of my favorite things finally come together.

I suddenly have respect for you.

BiffTheTimid responds:

Thanks dude, glad you like it.


2009-09-07 05:13:39

You seriously have better NOT gone on that "Nevvgrounds" site, and if you just thought it was normal Newgrounds and I was making a joke, just carry on with normal business. If you did the latter, change your password NOW.

BiffTheTimid responds:

Haha I was kidding, I didn't go to it. I heard about the double v to make a vv. No worries.


2009-09-08 20:52:48

You have been scouted,my freind :)

BiffTheTimid responds:

You da' man.