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Made some CG stuff, have a question about NG stuff

2013-02-04 20:57:32 by BiffTheTimid

I've been posting once a year for the past three years on my birthday, but I decided to buck that trend in the face and post what I've been up to. I was looking for work where ever I could find it a few months ago, and realized my demo reel didn't reflect what I was applying for. So I spent a bunch of time modeling some new things, and am back in the saddle looking for a jearb. What this means is I've done almost all that I can, and now it's a matter of job apps, waiting, not hearing from anyone, lowering my standards, and repeating. In the mean time I really want to go back into production with Crotchless Chaps 2 now that I don't have overwhelming guilt when I spend any free time not trying to get a job or make money. Which puts me in a weird spot that I'd like to hear some input on.

It's been three years since the last one. I think people enjoyed it. I fucking loved making it regardless, and I fucking loved writing the script for this second one (and recording the dialogue). It takes place literally right where the last one left off - which means it's semi-important to have seen the other one. But again, it's three years old and I haven't made an animation since. So, I can do a few things. I can compile the first and second into one 22 minute long episode, which is super long and would definitely need to be converted to a non-flash format. If I do that, I feel like I'd have to remaster the first, which would be a pain in the ass, but kind of necessary. OR, I can just make the second, and post a link for people in the beginning of it to watch the first if you haven't seen it. I love the series, and would probably take it even further, but it's not a game changer on this site that everyone has heard about, so it might be a lot to ask for the average viewer to go back and watch an 11 minute episode. OR, I could do both, but that's sort of spamming NG with redundant shit. I don't have a youtube presence, and don't really care to have one so I'd only make this for NG. Let me know what you think.

Here's that stuff I've been doing:

One last thing. Prosnorkulus 1 & 2 are the best animations I've seen on NG since ...I dunno. Keeblur. It's a god damn travesty that a series like that doesn't have a million views by now. Prosnorkulus 2 has been on the front page for over a month and still doesn't have 100k views. The fuckin' doves are crying.


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2013-02-05 10:15:05

I think people would still embrace a sequel that just asks them to check out the original. You could always open with a "Previously..." summary that shows some highlights... Remastering the first one does feel like a lot of time revisiting something you already did.

Totally agree about Prosnorkulus 2, it's a crime that it hasn't hit 100k views yet. The numbers tell me its time to pop something in its front page slot but MY HEART SAYS NO. We've given it three times the views that YouTube has but if you Google it, YouTube is the first two search results BECAUSE GOOGLE IS ABUSING THE FUCK OUT OF THEIR SITUATION.

BiffTheTimid responds:

I like the "Previously on..." idea a lot. I'll probably go with that. And yeah, when I was linking Prosnorkulus I got on google to search it real quick so I didn't have to navigate away from the page I was typing on, and all I could find were the youtube versions. Ain't that some shit? Long live Prosnorkulus 2 front page.


2013-02-05 12:27:36

I say do the sequel first. When its finished decide if you want to try putting it with the first. Lots of series on Newgrounds link to previous versions. You could also ask the staff for a series page so its together on one page

BiffTheTimid responds:

Oh man, a series page would be sooooooo sweet. Maybe once I bang out 5 or 6. Some day....