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Hey Newgrounds, it's been a while. I entered a webcomic contest the other day on a whim over at I had to live-cast myself making a web comic about a New Years Resolution and submit the final product. I think it turned out pretty OK. I don't really expect myself to win, since it's all based on crowd-voting, and I don't have much in the way of online presence. BUT, if you fellow NG dudes could like my comic, I'd at least have a small chance. Or don't, it's cool, whatevs. It'd just be nice to win a thing.

Mine is "Putin Resolution" - User name simon_the_guy

In other news for those interested, my last post was about me moving to California and looking for a job. I'm now at a Movie Studio in Santa Monica, and I'm having a swell time. So it's been pretty sweet. Still trying to figure my life out, but now that I'm making money I can start focusing on the things I want to do. So yeah, I'm for realzies going to make a movie for NG soon. I f'ing swear. For real. Seriously.

I've been looking for one of those elusive "jobs" I've heard so much about, and hadn't had any luck in Pennsylvania. I figured it was time to throw a hail-mary and move out to Cali, where VFX work apparently flows like wine. So now I'm crashing on a futon, applying for jobs by day, and applying for jobs by night. I feel like I'm running out of jobs to apply for, so I'm starting to consider learning how to brew and pour over-priced commercialized coffee. Granted I've only been out here for a few weeks, and my position is relatively typical, so it's not all doom and gloom. I've even seen a few celebrities while I've been here, and developed a sick farmers tan. Also, I've learned that avocado is actually a condiment that should be put on everything. I don't have a car, but I do have my bike, and apparently Venice is one of the most bike accessible places around.

I'm getting really tired of devoting all my time to stuff that will land me a job, so I'm trying to muster up the will to work on personal projects, such as the oft mentioned, long delayed, certainly forgotten about Crotchless Chaps 2. Maybe I'll start my own youtube channel so I can make a couple cents off the ad-revenue. Maybe make a web series out of it since I don't have anything else going on, other than the ever approaching $0 bank account.

Also, I was trying to beef up my illustration portfolio a bit so I made what I thought was a really cool drawing of Zelda (not Link) in a pseudo sequel to Majora's Mask. I posted it on reddit. No one gave a shit. I posted it on NG. No one gave a shit. I'm going to post it here again because seeing the extra couple of views will make me feel good. So if you click the link, you will be directly affecting my life. That's kind of neat.

The Legend of Link


2013-05-10 00:44:20 by BiffTheTimid

May 9th is always an interesting day. Hope yours was a good one.

Computer graphics are fun

2013-03-19 21:57:51 by BiffTheTimid

I finally finished up a matte painting I've been working on for months on and off. I put it on the back burner while I focused on other things, and is the last thing I feel like doing to round out my portfolio for the time being - which means I can get back to animating for NG. However, I am literally out of money and have been scrounging for work here and there which takes up time I'd rather spend doing something that aids in finding a good job. I was considering offering to do commissioned illustrations for you all, but whenever I see people do that here they usually charge way too little for way too much work, and people still don't seem to care much. However, if anyone wants a legitimate print quality illustration, take a look at my art submissions. Those range from 2 to 10 hour drawings, so if you want something similar or greater in quality all for yourself, hit me up. I'll be trying to animate/pay billz in the mean time. Also, Pico Day is approaching. I'm considering making something for that as well if I can find the time. It would be CG related. Which reminds me, when is Pico 2 coming out? Maybe it's a next-gen title now.

Anyways, take a look at this thing I did. I think it's really cool, and I'm super happy to be finished with it. Laters on the Menjay.

I've been posting once a year for the past three years on my birthday, but I decided to buck that trend in the face and post what I've been up to. I was looking for work where ever I could find it a few months ago, and realized my demo reel didn't reflect what I was applying for. So I spent a bunch of time modeling some new things, and am back in the saddle looking for a jearb. What this means is I've done almost all that I can, and now it's a matter of job apps, waiting, not hearing from anyone, lowering my standards, and repeating. In the mean time I really want to go back into production with Crotchless Chaps 2 now that I don't have overwhelming guilt when I spend any free time not trying to get a job or make money. Which puts me in a weird spot that I'd like to hear some input on.

It's been three years since the last one. I think people enjoyed it. I fucking loved making it regardless, and I fucking loved writing the script for this second one (and recording the dialogue). It takes place literally right where the last one left off - which means it's semi-important to have seen the other one. But again, it's three years old and I haven't made an animation since. So, I can do a few things. I can compile the first and second into one 22 minute long episode, which is super long and would definitely need to be converted to a non-flash format. If I do that, I feel like I'd have to remaster the first, which would be a pain in the ass, but kind of necessary. OR, I can just make the second, and post a link for people in the beginning of it to watch the first if you haven't seen it. I love the series, and would probably take it even further, but it's not a game changer on this site that everyone has heard about, so it might be a lot to ask for the average viewer to go back and watch an 11 minute episode. OR, I could do both, but that's sort of spamming NG with redundant shit. I don't have a youtube presence, and don't really care to have one so I'd only make this for NG. Let me know what you think.

Here's that stuff I've been doing:

One last thing. Prosnorkulus 1 & 2 are the best animations I've seen on NG since ...I dunno. Keeblur. It's a god damn travesty that a series like that doesn't have a million views by now. Prosnorkulus 2 has been on the front page for over a month and still doesn't have 100k views. The fuckin' doves are crying.

It's my birthday today pt3 - The Omega Birthday

2012-10-20 21:38:28 by BiffTheTimid

Hey NG dudes. For some reason I've gotten in the habit of posting onto NG once a year on my birthday. I still watch animations all the time, and try to keep fresh on the new talent, but I've been literally so FUCKING busy for the past three years I haven't had time to contribute anything. However, I have finally graduated from Graduate School, and am on the search for a job. If anyone wants to see a demo reel of my nonsense, check this link below.

Demo Reel Hotness

It's a generalist reel, and I've been working on my more specialized reels lately to try and find a job in the industry. It's tough when every project you've ever done is made entirely by yourself with a 10 week deadline. Where will I go from here? No god damn idea. I've been looking everywhere. I could probably get a job in Philly relatively easily, but I think I'm done with that city for a bit. So now that I have all this free time I'm probably going to finish up an animation I've been putting of for... three years. Also I'm working on a submission for the NG calendar, as per usual. I preview is below. Maybe you can guess the character. So yeah, that's it for my annual post. Hopefully a few of you remember me, and for those who don't, it's cool baby, I'll make some more stuff to get back in that sweet sweet lime-light that I was never in. Laters on the Menjay.

It's my birthday today pt3 - The Omega Birthday

Also, it's been exactly 1 year since I last made a news post. In that past year I finally graduated from grad school, taught some courses, and have been working on finishing up my thesis. I've gotta finish my demo reel. Then I've gotta find a steady job. I have most of the dialogue recorded for Crotchless Chaps 2 (which is coming even if no one remembers or cares about it - or me for that matter), which I'll start working on more now that I don't have 90 hour work weeks. For my birthday I still want a Hulaloo fight movie with a cock-joke in it since I didn't get one last year. Below is a shot from my thesis animation (it's in 3d). CG is hard. Now to go celebrate in somber isolation.

It's my birthday today pt2 - The birthdation

It's my birthday today.

2010-10-20 17:14:33 by BiffTheTimid

For my birthday I would like an approximately 30 second Hulaloo fight scene movie, with a gay/cock joke at the end. I'm working on Crotchless Chaps 2. Dialogues being recorded. There's a song in it. That is all.

Calendar Contest

2010-09-19 18:46:31 by BiffTheTimid

Hey Newgrounds. It's been a while yet again. I've been on break from grad school for the past couple weeks, but I moved to a new apartment in that time, and I have no internet, so I'm at a friends place. I was supposed to have Comcast show up before the weekend but they care about customers as much as the shit you just took, so not until sometime next week now.

With my submission being late and the thread being locked, I'll just post this here. I'm sure it'll get bumped so I have yet another Pico related unused calendar contest submission. So if you want to see something Pico related that I think is kinda cool, check it out. I'm still working on other flash related stuff, so be on the lookout whenever. I won't have internet until god knows when, but when I get it back I'll try and post more often.

Also, quick shout-out to the 24 hour collab. It came together really well. RedHarvest and RicePirate do some sweet shit. Take it easy.

Art Portal Larger Version

Edit - I redid nene but I can't upload till tomorrow. She was the last character i did, so i was in 'jacked black dude mode' at the time. Newgrounds on an iPhone, hooray.

Double Edit - Broke into school, fixed the stuff.

Calendar Contest

lols to the balls

2010-06-06 16:47:59 by BiffTheTimid

Hey there newgrounds. Figured I'd give a little heads up. I'll be submitting something to robot day, and it's going to be super sweet - but not in flash. Below is a little sneak peak. Also, I'm still working on a flash project that I'm going to bang out over the very short summer break of 1 week.

I'd also like to give a shout-out to Kirbopher. He'd like to make some virtually free money for the summer. All you have to do is send him something that is well drawn - it could be your own character, someone else's character, or even one of his own characters (which are actually based off of someone else's characters). It'll only cost you 5 bucks (which equals out to roughly 60 bucks an hour)* and you'll receive that same character you sent in, only poorly drawn. But this offer only lasts 25 days, so get in while the deal lasts!

Oh, but don't post on his wall. You'll hurt his feelings and he'll delete your comments if they even remotely resemble criticism. Oh, and don't post criticism or hurtful comments about me in my post either. I'll just delete them so no one can see that you don't like me. Sundays are fun. lolz.

*5 minutes per drawing. 60 minutes in an hour. 60/5 = 12. 12 * $5 = $60.

lols to the balls